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the outcome. the more conservative voters are coming home for romney and the liberal voters for obama. you have distinctions geographically. what will matter for obama is enthusiasm. you have a large number of people that are not from virginia. they have to go to some trouble to registered to vote. you have young college students. all these issues point to the question of enthusiasm. for obama to do as well, he needs to rekindle that enthusiasm. this is one of the challenges that the obama team faces, not just in virginia. host: this is johnny. caller: thank you. when the candidates campaign there, in other times you do not see the long shot to get an idea of what kind of crowds they are drawing. what types of crowds of the candidates getting when a campaign? -- when they campaign. the second question had to do with the ground game. what type of ground game do you see obama and the romney people virginia? host: both president obama and mitt romney in virginia today. guest: virginia has become a true battleground state. the campaigns are here every week. you have a significant level of enth
. as a voter, on that topic alone, president obama has my vote, because i do not believe that we and the world can afford another military conflict on this planet. thank you for allowing me to talk this morning. have a good day. host: thank you for your comments this morning. round rock, texas. caller: i agree with the republican that just called in, i also support the president as far as foreign affairs go. mr. romney used to belong to a chinese organization, it was an oil conglomerate. they were supporting iran. in 2011, mr. romney separated himself from these chinese oil conglomerate. he talks out of one side of his mouth, but acts out of another side. he said our greatest threat was russia when our greatest threat right now is al qaeda. i do not think that he has the experience or knowledge to help of foreign affairs. host: what do you make of his foreign policy affairs statement yesterday in new york? caller: most of the things he has done have been to outsource jobs to other countries, he did not ask them to open up anything. i do not trust him. he is not in it for the lower class of ame
than the voters of texas. you will see ted cruz focus on the economy and criticizing president obama. host: the biggest issues that the moderator's will ask for the candidates will bring up. you mention the economy, what else will we see? guest: one of the surprising candidacyf sadler's is his one the few democrats in a red state that has embraced the obama health care law. ted cruz will hammer him on the affordable care act. host: kevin brennan will air -- kevin brennan. we will have that debate tonight. coming up, more about social media and camping 2012, but first this news update. >> it is 8:44 eastern time. reporters in kabul, afghanistan, report that american generals and civilian officials have all but written off their strategy to end the afghan war by forcing the taliban into a peace deal, with the plan replaced by a goal of setting the stage for the afghans to work out a deal for themselves. critics of the obama administration say the united states weakened its own hand by agreeing to the 2012 deadline, and the administration officials say the deadline is crucial. meanwhile
. thank you. host: from "the hill" this newspaper, a congressional presser grows for obama on libya consulate attack. host: and there is from the "new york times," september, november, 40 precious days to spend on early voting. a stream of voters, the dateline is des moines, a stream of voters arrived at election offices across iowa to cast their ballots. host: the president is on executing a plan to accrue more votes over the next 40 days. and there's a chart in this story. 36% of iowans voted early in 2008. 30% in ohio voted early. 61% in north carolina. and nevada, 67%. colorado, nearly 80% of voters voted early in that state. 21% in wisconsin. half in florida voted early. virginia, about 14%. and new hampshire, about 10% voted early. so, that's from the "new york times" this morning. here's "the washington times" this morning, the lead story, obama focuses on two other jobs, campaigning and cash raising, take up time. if it's for sports champions and terrorists, president obama's public schedule for september would be nearly empty of official events, as he devoted most of his ti
voices out of the mix. studies show one out of every two voters is not going to vote. that is 90 million eligible voters who will not vote this election. that is twice as many as the number that will vote for barack obama and twice as many as the number that will vote for mitt romney. that means most people do not feel represented by either of these candidates or parties that have such a track record of serving the 1%. the wealthy few whose fortunes have skyrocketed while everyday americans are being thrown under the bus by the day. . . reduce us our debt, it does not increase t. that we can downsize the military, bring our troops and more dollars home, that we can bail out the students, instead of bailing out the banks. the fed just announced it's undertaken another quantitative easing. this is the third quantitative easing. this is trillions of dollars that they are pouring into wall street, simply to bail them out, when the banks continue to get too big to fail and bigger all the time, and too big to jail. the public does not like this. they want jobs. they want public higher educatio
romney and president obama. we will broadcast democracy and on radio as well. you raised the issue of the critical vote as we traveled through pennsylvania. a whole issue of voter suppression and having been in charlotte, a great civil-rights city, where the students from the historical black college in 1960 set up a lunch counter in to grant them and yet, what do we see today? state after state, efforts to suppress voting rights instead of expanding them. not enough people vote in this country. in pennsylvania, there is legislation now on the books that could disenfranchise between 750,000-1 million people. president obama won by 600,000 boats in pennsylvania last time. this really does determine the election. i don't care who you are for. this will determine the election. it is a huge problem or the country. we should be celebrating voters going to the polls, not putting impediments in their way. host: the radio program " democracy now" turns 25 this year? guest: we started in 1996. we were just on radio. the week of september 11, 2001, we started on the first televisio
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6